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About Me

I am Mrs. Chambers and this is my second year working for Thomasville City Schools. My small family and I moved to Thomasville in the summer of 2016 from California. We have learned real quick that our town is like a second family. Thank you for welcoming us! Mr. Chambers and I have one little boy and a second son due in December. We are very excited to be growing our family. 
I am currently finishing my masters degree in teaching education and look forward to sharing my new education with all of you. Thank you for being supportive on the last legs of this journey. I received my bachelors from William Jessup University in Northern California in 2008. I hold a total of 3 bachelors and one day hope to obtain a Ph.D. Education has always been important to me and my family but NEVER as important as learning. So often we focus on grades, tests, and achievements that we forget learning is about bettering ourselves. Growing up I struggled in school until I found subjects that I loved. I hope to inspire all of our students to find a passion that gets them excited about learning and hopefully in turn, about school.