Liberty Drive Elementary

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules 
1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.

2. Keep all hands, feet and objects to yourself.

3. Be in your seat ready to work by the beginning of each.

4. Have all materials needed each day in class.


Students are expected to follow these rules daily and when in other classes. Students who have difficulty following these rules will have consequences. Consequences include silent lunch, discussion with teacher, or a reflective writing. When a student breaks a rule, students will be written up and if students received more than 3 write-ups in a week, they will be referred to the office. If the teacher notices a consistent issue within the classroom, teacher will contact parent to discuss the issue that is happening in classroom.



A serious offense (physically or verbally assaulting another) calls for  immediate referral to the office


I use Classroom Dojo to help students with their Behavior. Please contact me if you need help getting set up with ClassDojo so you can view this information at home. On Classroom Dojo, you can keep up how they are behaving in class. It is a free app that you can download on your phone and if you message me, it comes straight to my cell phone.